Why Outsource

Paraplanning is a valuable function that every financial planning practice needs. Not only does it require a high degree of technical knowledge, more importantly, but it also requires exceptional written skill to translate the technical into simple concepts for the everyday client.

For many practices, the cost of paraplanning is high. This cost can be further acerbated if a high volume of advice documents are required to be generated within a short timeframe, such as moving licensees or transitioning to a new platform to save on fees.

Having an Outsourced Paraplanning solution which helps with these events will allow you to execute your business strategy quickly and effectively Save time and money by outsourcing your paraplanning today.

Paraplanning has become an essential part of the financial planning industry, allowing financial planners to focus on spending time with their clients, as opposed to time-sapping research and paperwork.

The benefits of outsourcing your paraplanning include:

  • More time to spend with clients
  • Less recruitment costs – pay only for the services you use
  • Reduced overheads – save on everything from extra office space to holiday pay
  • Flexibility – no obligation to provide work when volume is low
  • No commitment – change paraplanners if something isn’t working for you

Outsourced paraplanners tend to be very experienced, highly qualified and at the top end of their profession. Employing a full time paraplanner of a similar calibre will incur significant costs and we know from our own experience how difficult it is to find high calibre paraplanners. Thankfully we have an excellent team in place already so we can take the hassle away from you.

Sourcing a paraplanner can be expensive when you factor in the potential recruitment fee and time required to train a new starter. Alternatively, you can take on a trainee paraplanner, although this may mean they are limited in their abilities.

The long road to competence can only come with experience.

Considering how in-demand technical paraplanners currently are, you also always face the risk that they could leave the business, costing you time and money to find a replacement.

Bespoke Paraplanners allows you to outsource this crucial function to an experienced technical paraplanner; safe in the knowledge that you will only pay for what you need without having the fixed cost of employing an in-house paraplanner.

In addition, you can use our service to complement your existing staff as and when you require.

By outsourcing, you can tap into a wealth of experience for a fraction of the cost and only pay for the service when you need it

Outsourcing requirements will vary depending on the individual adviser and firm. This is why we tailor the solution to you.

This is all for a transparent cost agreed up front.

For more information on how we can help your business, email us at contactus@bespokeparaplanners.com.au


You can enjoy a service that not only values your time, but also your bottom line.

You only pay for what you need. Costs are transparent, competitive and agreed in advance. No hidden fees, no nonsense.